We are a complete GIS application and development organization established in 1996- providing all the services and solutions for any geo-spatial enterprise needs. ENGECORC has a group of highly skilled GIS & CAD experts technically enabled to implement GIS projects and customize their requirement besides giving support in projects related to Survey & Design. We have a fully equipped Remote Sensing wing, which look after all activities related to thematic mapping using remote sensing technologies. Activities of this wing include: thematic mapping, 3D mapping and contour generation, urban area mapping using high resolution satellite imageries besides supporting activities of other wings e.g. pipeline, railway line, road widening, forestry related studies etc.

Our expertise includes:
1. G.I.S / IT application & solution, besides extending services and training.
2. Remote Sensing.
3. Digital Cartography.
4. GIS Database Design, Development & Conversion.
5. Application Development.
6. Urban Planning.
7. Scanning, Plotting and Printing Services.
8. Primary data collection.

GIS Application Development
1. Design, Development and maintenance of custom geospatial databases.
2. GIS software development and enterprise integration.
3. Web mapping/ web GIS.
4. Development of Industry standards spatial information system.

Remote Sensing & Digital mapping
1. Land use/ Land cover mapping using satellite data.
2. Drainage/ Vegetation, Soil mapping.
3. Slope Analysis using Digital Elevation Model (DEM), Digital Terrain Model (DTM) etc. Watershed, Catchment Area, Wetland Management, hydro-power Project.
4. Habitat Assessment/Evolution for wildlife etc.
5. Socio-economic parameters.
6. Environmental Assessment.
7. Site Selection for solid waste management.
8. Disaster Management.

Utility Mapping
1. Oil/Gas pipeline.
2. Electric Utilities.
3. Water pipeline etc.

Training : We provide end to end knowledge based training - on GIS & Remote Sensing software's as well as Survey Equipments with hands on practical classes.

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We are a complete GIS application and development organization established in 1996- providing a.....
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